LGND's selection tool for the data-savvy bracket procrastinator.

Coach's Salary

The NCAA will bring in roughly $900 million from March Madness. Players aren’t paid, but these top-earning coaches better earn their keep.

Average Team Age

As the NCAA and NBA struggle to address age eligibility, seasoned vets have an advantage over one-and-done talent.

Vegas Betting Odds

While we wait for the Supreme Court’s decision on sports betting, go ahead and make your picks based on the Vegas odds today! Commish Silver approves.

Mascot Power Ranking

Are you bored by “wildcats?” Are you intimidated by a lifesize piece of wheat? These mascots will inspire their teams to victory.

LGND loves data. When brought to life, it helps us tell important stories about our world and the issues that shape it.

Data Dribble looks at four data categories — coach’s salary, team age, Vegas betting odds, and team mascots — to predict various outcomes for this year’s March Madness tournament. Matchups are decided based on the highest numerical value between teams in each category.

We hope you enjoy exploring how different datasets can predict which team will cut down the nets in San Antonio. And while we won’t take a cut if you win, just don’t blame us if you lose.